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CHINT has developed business network in over 140 countries and regions with more than 30,000 employees.  CHINT has reached annual sales of 10.5 billion USD in 2018,ranking top 50 Asian Listed Companies and top 100 China Private Enterprises.


Delixi is reckoned among China's top 500 enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength and holds a leading position among China's top 500 private enterprises. It mainly operates in such industries as electrical,high-tech, energy and mining, transportation, environmental engineering, the real estate and logistics.


Zhoushan  Public BUS,Zhoushan Public Transport Co., Ltd. officially began operations on January 1, 2008. At the end of 2012, it was set up as a state-owned public welfare enterprise mainly engaged in bus operation, and was affiliated to Zhoushan Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd.


HZBUS, Through 90 years’ growth and development, Hangzhou Public Transport Group has become a solely state-owned liability limited company with its business ranging from urban public passenger transport as the main activity to taxi transport, tourism passenger transport, automobile repair, auto parts and fuel sales, advertising, real estate development, property management and public bicycle development service etc.


Zhejaing PSBC,Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Zhejiang branch, It strategically focuses on providing financial services to communities, small and medium sized companies and “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and is committed to meeting the financial needs of the most promising customers during China's economic transformation. Meanwhile, PSBC also actively supports large customers and large projects, making tremendous contributions to China's economic development.


Smartlight Europe,Manufacturer importing leds products, since 2005, a network all over Europe and World. Several ranges: waterproof pharmacy cross, fuel totem, hotel displays, leds products, leds modules for signs and signage, LEDs, leds ribbon, Dentist Ceiling Lights,


DMG Lumiere by ROSCO,Innovating LED lighting for Cinema, TV & photography. Created by a gaffer, a DOP & a LED expert. Sold worldwide 


ZHEJIANG NEW DIRECTION. Identification signage manufacture and supplier for Sinopec brand.

Established in 2000, Zhejiang New Directional Mark Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of RMB 10,000. It is a collection of urban environmental labels, corporate identity images, retail chain logos, display racks, checkout counters, buildings and surrounding environment. The creation, conception and planning of the signboard, the overall image packaging design of the gas station, the implementation of indoor and outdoor advertising products, providing customers with a full range of services from concept to conception and logo, display rack design to production, production, installation and maintenance.

Products Catalog

LED Gas Price Signs
VMS Varaible Message Signs
Airport Apron Guidance LED Signs
LED Signs for Parking Guidance System
LED Traffic Highway/Road Variable Message Signal Signs
Bus Route Destination and Vehicle ID Information LED Display
Bus Destination/Route LED Displays
Vehicle ID Information LED Displays
LED Digital Clock Timer Counter Temp Display
Interior LED Digital Clock Timer Counter Temp Display
Exterior Digital Timer and Temp Display
Seven Segment Displays and Custom Displays
Single-Digit Seven Segment LED Display
Two-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
Three-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
Four-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
More-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
Custom Display for Home Appliance
5x7 Dot Matrix LED Display Module
5x8 Dot Matrix LED Display Module
8x8 Dot Matrix LED Display Module
Bar Graphic Display
LED Indicator Light for Switch Button
LED Display for Queue Management System
LED Lighting