• 12 inch LED Gas Price Signs(White 8.888)
  • 12 inch LED Gas Price Signs(White 8.888)
  • 12 inch LED Gas Price Signs(White 8.888)
12 inch LED Gas Price Signs(White 8.888)
12 inch LED Gas Price Signs(White 8.888)
12 inch LED Gas Price Signs(White 8.888)

12 inch LED Gas Price Signs(White 8.888)

LED Color: Red,Amber,Green,White

LED Qty: 769LEDs

Max Power: 30W

Brightness: Automatically or manually adjustable

IP65 Rated

Various Options

Wireless RF remote control

WiFi Control optional

 Certificate: CE

 Warranty: Durable and 2 Years Warranty

TT30 Newlake 12inch Led Gas Price Sign






Newlake Price Sign Features


  • 100,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • Available in Red, Amber,Green,White
  • Digit Height: 6” 8'' 10'' 12'' 15” 18'' 20'' 22” 24''
  • Modular design
  • The fully assembled unit is a complete "plug and play" sign solution
  • Waterproof rate: IP 65
  • Fully encapsulated construction panel
  • Super slim and Ultra-lightweight
  • Temperature range: -20℃ ~65℃
  •  Humidity Range: 10-80%RH
  • Visibility: 100m~400m
  • Each controllable number is considered a digit displays 0-9
  • A standard sign with three Prices with an option for up to five (both sides)
  • Within the Sign Cabinet there are two digits assemblies per line (one for each side) referred to as an Digital Price Module
  • Wireless remote communication distance >100 meters
  • Light Sensor adjusted at 16leves manually, 3 levels automatically
  • Power Input: 100-240VAC , 60Hz/50Hz
  • Low energy consumption
  • Single side or double sided installation



Sealed connetors for waterproof applications


Specifications of 12 Inch LED 4 Digits Price Display


  • Digit Height: 12inch(300mm)
  • Viewing Distance:200meters
  • LED Quantity:769PCS
  • Digit Numbers: 4 Digits format options:8.888, 88.88, 888.8
  • Max Power:30W
  • LEDs Color: Red
  • Wave Length of LEDs:R:620~630 nm,
  • Viewing Angle:DIP LEDs:70 Degree / 30 Degree
  • Luminous Intensity:R:1800 -5000mcd
  • Output Voltage: 12V DC
  • Input Voltage: AC110V / AC220V
  • Working Temperature: -20 to 65 C
  • Installation:Single or Double sided installation
  • Mounitng bracket:Aluminium mounting rail brackets           


Wired connection for master price panel:


Wired connection for slave price panel:


Control Options:


            Wireless RF remote control up to 100meters

            RS232 wired  to PC computer

            Wi-Fi control operated on  Mobile APP 

            4G wireless Mobile APP and 4G Internet cloud connecton on PC 


Packing and shipping


  • Qty/Ctn:2PCS/CTN
  • Net weight :15KG/CTN
  • Carton dimension: 1.03m X 0.46m x 0.24m


Certificate and Warranty


  • Certification approval:CE
  • Warranty: 2Yearslimited warranty
  • Lead time:4 to 6weeks


Price format options for your Gas Stations







Enclosure Dimension







Full digit

Decimal at left

Without decimal

Decimal at right

Decimal at middle

Decimal even


W912 X H400 X D25mm







For custom-made requirements, please feel free to talk with us!




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