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LED Lighting

Our team with ability to design and supply led lighting products ranging from indicator light for industry machine devices, size range from 5mm to 22mm. 


Tube light lamps used in  office, conference room, factory workshop,school,hospital. 


Professional led lighting used for hospital operation and photograghing and etc. which require a high CRI with DMX512 dimming technology. 

Products Catalog

LED Gas Price Signs
VMS Varaible Message Signs
Airport Apron Guidance LED Signs
LED Signs for Parking Guidance System
LED Traffic Highway/Road Variable Message Signal Signs
Bus Route Destination and Vehicle ID Information LED Display
Bus Destination/Route LED Displays
Vehicle ID Information LED Displays
LED Digital Clock Timer Counter Temp Display
Interior LED Digital Clock Timer Counter Temp Display
Exterior Digital Timer and Temp Display
Seven Segment Displays and Custom Displays
Single-Digit Seven Segment LED Display
Two-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
Three-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
Four-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
More-Digits Seven Segment LED Display
Custom Display for Home Appliance
5x7 Dot Matrix LED Display Module
5x8 Dot Matrix LED Display Module
8x8 Dot Matrix LED Display Module
Bar Graphic Display
LED Indicator Light for Switch Button
LED Display for Queue Management System
LED Lighting